Meet our new Childcare Trainer and Assessor: Pauline.

Meet our new Childcare Trainer and Assessor: Pauline.

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Meet our Childcare Trainer and Assessor, Pauline!

“We all do truly have the students’ best interests at heart. We strive to nurture AMAZING educators!”

We are excited to introduce the newest member to join the Amazing Education and Training team: Pauline!

Pauline joins our team as a Childcare Trainer and Assessor, and her love for early learning began when she herself was in preschool.

We asked Pauline a few questions about her career, what she loves about being a Childcare Trainer and Assessor, and her advice to aspiring educators.


Amazing Education: Tell us about your career journey so far.

Pauline: I have been in the early childhood industry for a very long time (since 1994, in fact) and my love for the industry commenced way back when I was in preschool – I wanted to be just like my preschool teacher! I have worked my way from Group Leader to Assistant Director to Centre Manager. In 2009, I became a Trainer and Assessor as I wanted to ‘give back’ to the industry.


What drew you to a career as a Childcare Trainer and Assessor?

P: I am so passionate about the industry, and I love supporting educators to achieve their goals. When I was a Centre Manager, I discovered that many people held the right childcare qualifications, but still needed so much extra training and support. That’s what led me to this role – I wanted to give that extra support to educators from the very beginning through great training.


What do you love about working at Amazing Education and Training?

P: The entire team at Amazing Education and Training are so supportive and we all do truly have the students’ best interest at heart. We strive to nurture AMAZING educators!


What do you like most about your role as a Childcare Trainer and Assessor?

P: I feel honoured to support, mentor and guide students who have a love for the early childhood industry. I also love seeing students who I taught many years ago become Centre Managers, and now I get to train their team members and educators.


What qualities do you think are important to have as an aspiring childcare worker/educator?

P: You have to GENUINELY like (love) children. Educators who take the time to listen and learn from children are key to a child’s development. It is a ‘partnership’ between the educator and child, not an ‘I’m the adult, you’re the child’ attitude that really helps to nurture strong, independent, and successful children and young people.


We have heard that time management can be a big challenge for students. How do you help students overcome their challenges, and specifically time management challenges?

P: Life is busy for everyone these days – no matter your circumstances! Add studies into an already busy world and it can be difficult. This is why I help my students to ‘dissect’ their assessments into small, manageable tasks. These are much easier to complete than one massive, overwhelming assessment!


What do you want your students to take away from the course (aside from their qualification)?

P: Of course, I would like them to come away with skills, knowledge, and confidence. Most of all, I want my students to really understand just how important it is to respect children. I want them to understand that children are our future, and that educators really do play an important role in shaping our future generation.


What do you think is the best piece of advice you can give to your students?

P: Early childhood education and care is one of the most rewarding and important jobs in the world. We have the honour of filling up the ‘cup’ (brain) during the most valuable first five years – so make it count! And laugh, sing, and dance – children love seeing happiness and they won’t judge your singing or your dance moves! 😊


If you have any questions about studying or working in Early Childhood Education and Care, please get in touch or give us a call on 1300 707 058.

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