Early childhood educators in high demand

Early childhood educators in high demand

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Due to the strong growth of the early childhood sector in recent years, now is a great time to consider a career in early childhood, particularly as an early childhood educator!

The early childhood education and care industry is a huge provider of education and care for young children. Early childhood educators have the incredible opportunity to influence the learning and development of children at the most important stage of their lives – the early years (0-5 years).

Factors that have influenced the industry's growth include changes to educator-to-child ratios that require additional educators per child. An increase in the number of children attending children’s services due to a general increase in the demand for childcare makes early childhood one of the most in-demand professions.

Other factors that have increased this demand may include:

  • Dual income families
  • Greater awareness of the benefits of an early childhood education
  • An increase in the number of early childhood services
  • An increase in the access and support for vulnerable children
  • Funding for kindergarten programs
  • Greater support and facilities for children with additional needs
  • Higher quality early childhood education
  • Increase in educator to child ratios.

According to Job Outlook, an initiative of the Department of Employment that provides data in relation to trends and employment prospects for particular occupations, there are currently over 42,000 early childhood teachers in Australia.

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